Training & Programmes

The basics

What is it?

It’s our 3 different scaleable courses and training in culture and collaboration.

Who is it for?

Teams, departments and organisations from 10-100 people.

What's the duration?

From 2 hours to 2 months.

When is a good time to get started?

You’re looking to learn new practical tools and methods to develop your culture.‍

You want to establish a shared language of what culture is and how to work with it.

You want to harvest new skills, tools, and methods for remote collaboration

You've become a hybrid team working between the office and elsewhere

"I can strongly recommend eliot as your learning partner. They bring a great mix of essential theory and practical tools and methods. Their approach to training is very refreshing and engaging."

Kari Malvik,
Nordic learning specialist, L'Oréal

Why focus
on upskilling?

Research from the World Economic Forum shows that 8 out of 10 essential skills to develop by 2022 are soft skills. That’s why we focus on training and courses, which cultivate the collaborative and cultural skills and methods that people and your organisation need to stay competitive.

Collaboration and

Our ability to collaborate creatively is amongst the most important disciplines in today’s complex and diverse knowledge economy. How we get the best ideas, question, and think critically, as well as see new perspectives together, are key to running a successful business. That’s what we focus on in our collaboration and co-creation training.

Learning outcomes:

Learn what it takes for groups to co-create and innovate.

Tools and methods for creative problem-solving.

Ability to design and facilitate co-creation and creative collaboration.

Build and develop
effective teams

It's no secret that we live in complex world. To deal with the complexity many organisations have started experimenting with new systems, in which teams gain more autonomy. That's great! But if you just change the system it will not change how the team works. In this course, we’ll teach you what it takes to create a healthy, self-leading and effective team.

Learning outcomes:

Constructive communication and feedback methods.

Ability to continuously develop yourself and the team.

Tools to build trust, align and identify shared goals.

Lead and design
cultural change

Today’s uncertain work environment means that organisations and peoples ability to respond to change is crucial. The tradtional plan and predict approach no longer works. To lead cultural change you need to design a participatory, experimental, and human-friendly process to evolve people, teams and the organisational culture.

Learning outcomes:

Frameworks to design a human empowering work culture.

Ability to faciliate and plan inclusive change processes.

Tools and methods to lead cultural change.

How we design our training

We’re firm believers in action-based learning because it’s how we make the learning stick. It’s also the fastest way to identify and implement new and better ways of working and collaborating. Our training and courses break down like this:

20% Knowledge & inputs

50% Hands-on methods

30 % Perspectives and reflection

Before the training and courses, we’ll have a chat about your context and needs to make it as relevant for you as possible, because when it comes to teams and people, one size really does only fit one.

Estimated price and time


How many?

6-100 people

How long?

2 hours

How much?

From DKK 10.000 kr. / EUR 1.400


How many?

8-60 people

How long?

2 full day training

How much?

From DKK 50.000 kr. / EUR 6.800


How many?

6-25 people

How long?

2 months part time

How much?

From DKK 100.000 kr. / EUR 13.450

Book an intro meeting

P.S. If you have any specific needs, requirements or dreams we'd love to hear them. So give us a call, we're to help. P.P.S all of our services are very remote friendly.