Culture Change

The basics

What is it?

It’s our service that helps you translate your words into actions by developing new ways of working and collaborating.

Who is it for?

Organisations and departments between 20-200 people

What's the duration?

90 days loops.

When is a good time to get started?

You're planning to or in the process of restructuring your organisation

You've created a new strategy and direction for your team, department or business

You've become a hybrid organisation, working from the office, home or elsewhere

You want to develop new tools and methods for how you work and collaborate

"eliot has over the last year continuously supported us with developing our self-awareness, methods and tools for how we learn and lead projects and processes."

Travis Lecay, Co-Owner at Laban

How are we
doing it?

To maximise impact, we break down your culture change process into 90-day loops, and work with a selected amount of teams. That way we capitalise on your momentum, and reap quick wins whilst getting the chance to learn and adapt as we go. Together, we experiment with new ways of working before we roll out the learnings to other parts of your organisation.

The 3-step process in our 90-day loop


Define and Align

First, we listen carefully and ask questions to understand how we can seize the potential of the new direction. Together we prioritise goals and desired outcomes. This gives us everything we need to design the appropriate activities and process for the first loop. Time to get to work.


Develop and Train New Ways of Working

We embed ourselves with the chosen teams or departments for 10 weeks to co-create and experiment with new ways of working and collaborating inspired by the new strategy and culture. We do work, reflect, learn, prioritise and do work again.


Evaluate and Decide

Together we assess what to keep and what to throw away. This is our input and focal points for what to introduce to other parts of the organisation and can serve as input for a potential new loop.

Typical outcomes of our culture change work

New ways of working and behaving that takes your strategy and culture from talking to doing.

Toolbox of frameworks and methods for effective collaboration and shared processes.

Shared mindset for teams, ambassadors and leaders to lead long-term cultural development.

Process framework for the next strategy or culture implementation loops.

Estimated price and time

Culture Change


Organisations and departments between 20-200 people


90 days loops

Estimated price?

From 575.000 kr. / 76.500 Euro

The support and frequency?

2 organisational designers,
3 days a week

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P.S. If you have any specific needs, requirements or dreams we'd love to hear them. So give us a call, we're to help. P.P.S all of our services are very remote friendly.