One size fits one

Has work stopped working?

It's sad, but true, we're in a bit of a work crisis. Year after year we're shocked by the numbers of how many people who feel disengaged at work. Studies from Gallup show that only 12% are engaged at their work globally. The reason for these depressing numbers are many, but the overall challenge is that most organisations still operate on bureaucratic and dated management ideas. The result? A culture that strips away all autonomy, trust, agility, purpose, creativity and ownership from its teams and people. All crucial aspects to run a sustainable business in a complex and ever-changing world.

It’s time to rethink culture

From Culture by Default

Culture. We all have it, we all live it, whether intentional or not. “Culture by Default” is characterized by passiveness, and little or no awareness about how and why we collaborate, behave and work the way we do. In a default culture we try to “solve” culture with values on the walls and a 100+ pages culture deck that no one reads, understands nor can relate to.

To Culture by Design

Whereas “Culture by Design” is characterised by actively taking ownership of how you collaborate, organise, behave, and work. It's practised by prioritsing and making space for reflection and experimentation. This culture leads to growth mindsets, shared ownership and leadership. It enhances learning and innovation, and leads to high performance.

Here are the 8 cultural changes we need to see in organisations

  • Culture by

  • Bringing the professional self

  • Protecting status quo

  • Working towards personal goals

  • Avoiding conflicts

  • Talking more to prove more

  • Hindering bureaucracy

  • Keeping information secret

  • Working in silos

  • Culture by

  • Brining the authentic self

  • Challenging status quo

  • Working towards shared goals

  • Embracing conflicts

  • Asking more know more

  • Empowering autonomy

  • Transparent information sharing

  • Working cross-functional

To ensure real, postive and lasting change we always play by our 5 principles

Invite & involve

People support what they create - the days of communicating your way out of a messy situation are over. Instead we help you involve people from all parts of your organisation to fully understand what’s holding them back from, and what would support them in doing their best work.

Dream big, start small

As an organisation it crucial to set big and ambitious goals for where you want to go in the future. The same goes for your culture. But trying to fix everything at once will never get you anywhere - that's why we love low-hanging fruits! When we start small and get quick wins, we create excitement and progress! Culture is a marathon, not a sprint.

Embrace fears and feelings

Change is hard, but it’s going to be even hard if you neglect how it affects the people in your organisation. We help you embrace the fears and feelings so we can use them to understand how to develop your teams and organisation for the better.

Love the challenge

The best answers always lay in how well we understand the challenge and why it exist. We bring a curious mind and a ton of questions to identify assumptions and the root cause of the challenge at hand. It's only when we uncover the root causes, we can create simple and impactful solutions.

Learn by doing

We’re sorry to say, but when it comes to culture, it’s really a “one size fits one” situation –no two cultures are the same. That's why the copy paste approach doesn't do the job. Instead we help you prototype, test and learn to understand what structures, tools and methods that works for your unique culture.