Team Development

The basics

What is it?

It’s our action-based approach to team development, collaboration and culture.

Who is it for?

Teams of 3-12 people.

What's the duration?

1-day workshop to 6-month programmes.

When is a good time to get started?

You've restructured your organisation into many small autonomous teams.

You want to develop some specific culture and collaboration methods in your team, but you're not sure how to.

You've formed one or serveral new teams.

You've become a hybrid team working between the office and elsewhere

"eliot created a safe space for our team to experiment, build trust, and learn new methods. I highly recommended them for any collaboration or culture challenge you might have."

Emil Frederik Johnsen,
Editor of Danish Football

How are we
doing it?

We believe in learning-by-doing simply because it speeds up your team’s development and learning – while getting actual work done. We pick the methods and tools that are relevant for your needs and challenges and often draw inspiration from the world of neuroscience, self-mangement and design thinking to make your team more engaged, innovative and effective.

Our framework to assess and develop effective and engaged teams


How do we prioritise, plan
and measure our work?


How do we distribute authority,
tasks and decision making?

Mission & Vision

How do we help our organisation make a positive impact in the world?

Psychological Safety

How do we make sure everyone in the team feels safe to speak up?


How do we lead ourselves
and each other?


How do we structure, facilitate,
and plan our collaboration?


How do we understand, challenge, and support each other?


How do we experiment,
learn and evolve?


How do we improve and reinvent our products and services?

Typical outcomes of our team culture and development work

Increased trust, alignment, inclusion and self-leadership.

Clearer responsibilities, goals, communication,
roles and collaborative processes.

Shared methods, rituals and mindset to continuously improve and learn as a team.

Estimated price and time

Team Development

Desired outcome?

Build relationships, trust and identify tensions for your team culture and collaboration


Teams of up to 12 people


3-4 hours

Estimated price?

From DKK 15.000 / EUR 2.000

Team Development

Desired outcome?

Learn new knowledge, methods, and co-create experiments to develop your culture and collaboration


Teams from 5-18 people


1 day

Estimated price?

From DKK 30.000 / EUR 4.000

Team Development

Desired outcome?

Get more and better work done, while learning new practical methods for effective and healthy collaboration.


Teams and units of up to 20 people


3-6 months

Estimated price?

From DKK 100.000 / EUR 13.500

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P.S. If you have any specific needs, requirements or dreams we'd love to hear them. So give us a call, we're to help. P.P.S all of our services are very remote friendly.