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we help teams and organisations work more responsible to evolve workplace engagement.

the benefits of high workplace engagement


higher productivity


higher sales


higher profitability

what we mean by responsible org. culture

inspired by our work experience, studies on the future of work, and leading companies with high workplace engagement, we've mapped out 10 characteristics of what makes a thriving organisation.

we named it responsible.

we help you evolve from a traditional to the responsible org. culture.

  • traditional
    org. culture

  • professional self

  • personal agendas

  • protecting status quo

  • secrecy

  • talking more to prove more

  • avoiding conflicts

  • comfort zone

  • bureaucracy

  • uninformed decision making

  • siloed foundations & teams

  • responsible org. culture

  • full self

  • common mission & beliefs

  • challenging status quo

  • transparency

  • asking more to know more

  • embracing conflicts

  • learning zone

  • autonomy

  • informed decision making

  • cross-functional collaboration

empower higher engagement

more than 4 out of 5 of us don’t feel engaged at work. here's what we do about it.

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words from partners and friends

"eliot has helped us run learning experiences ranging from a full day about organisational design to a two week programme on creative problem solving combined with personal and team development. Their approach to collaboration, teaching, learning design and facilitation are truly valued by us and our students."

Christopher-Robin Eklund
Program Director, Hyper Island

"eliot facilitated us with a full-day learning experience about psychological safety and the power of questions. The session was highly educational and provided attendees with theory as well as hands-on communication tools. Martin and Rasmus created an inspiring environment where everyone could effortlessly participate and reflect on daily practices at the workspace."

Jesper Laumand
Managing Director, Nordics, Verizon Media

eliot helped us create a space where collaboration, engagement and high energy merged - ultimately helping us reach alignment in a fast and inspiring way.

Dan Lindgren
Founder & director, We Were There

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we believe the key to increase engagement in an ever-changing world is to intentionally practice responsible principles.

our philosophy