Small is the new big

Rasmus Noah Hasen

Organisational Designer & Facilitator

Rasmus is well-known for mastering the art of going from intention to action without hesitating – constantly looking around the corner for books to read and new things to learn. One of his favourite things is listening and asking questions to understand people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Before co-founding eliot, he studied a degree in process design and facilitation, and worked for years as a process leader at PwC running workshops, design sprints and learning experiences for small and big organisations such as E-ON, SJ and many more. He also appears frequently at Hyper Island as an industry leader, teacher and team coach. All in all, Rasmus truly knows what it takes for individuals and teams to change their mindset, behaviours, and habits towards a more responsible work culture.

Something that a lot of people don't know about Rasmus is that he hosted a podcast addressing how millennials work. You can listen to it here: Millennials at work.

Martin Bloomstine

Culture Strategist & Facilitator

Martin is known for bringing a metaperspective and smart questioning to complex situations. He helps people see the bigger picture and brings them back on track and into the context of the situation. For Martin, it’s all about driving informed decisions, ideas and behaviours.

Before teaming up with Rasmus to start eliot, martin studied a degree in strategic design and leadership. With years of experience helping organisations such as Specsavers, Nordea and The Index Project with their culture, strategy, and learning abilities, Martin has experienced first hand how purpose and values don't mean anything if "they're only on the walls and not in the halls". Like Rasmus, Martin also appears frequently at Hyper Island as an industry leader and team coach.

Something a lot of people don't know about Martin is that, before opting to pursue more sustainable culinary challenges, he ran an award-winning burger pop-up. He has now put that aside but is slowly preparing for a new vegetarian adventure.