no two workplace cultures are the same, that's why we tailor our services.


you want to engage a group of people and together set a new strategy, solve a problem or harvest learnings from a project?

we design and facilitate engaging workshops that help you effectively reach your desired outcomes and have fun while doing it.

examples of workshops we have facilitated:

design & strategy sprint

trend and innovation exploration

from project kick-off to wrap-up


you want to evolve your team or organisation by learning responsible ways of working?

we create experience-based learning journeys that teach you the most important soft skills to create an engaging workplace culture.

examples of learning experiences we have ran:

interpersonal communication

innovation & creative capabilities

psychological safety


you want to strengthen your culture to increase workplace engagement?

we embed ourselves within teams to help them enact their own change that lead towards a more responsible culture supporting people to do, quite simply, their best work.

examples of team activities we have carried out:

personal and team development rituals

onboarding & hiring processes

alignment of beliefs & goals

how we work

we always start with understanding the opportunity, challenge, desire or problem of the people we help – no matter if we facilitate workshops, design learning experiences or build responsible teams.

we use the methodology and tools from our background in design thinking, learning, coaching and strategy to develop mindsets, tools and rituals that help you become responsible.

let's talk

our guiding principles

invite & involve

we design processes that enable people to support what they create

love the challenge

we always start by asking and listening to understand the challenge or desire

dream big, start small

we start small to win quick, create excitement and a desire for more

learn by doing

we make responsible change happen through action, reflection and application

embrace fears and feelings

we know change is necessary but not easy, embracing our human side will make it easier